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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Zbignew Jaworowski is a famous scientist whose work points to near term ice age onset.

Source [+] Jbignew Jaworowski

Cryonicists have rejected my idea that reanimation plans will be impacted by the near term onset of the ice age because they have been preoccupied with other issues and refuse to consider an issue that completely crushes our plans as procryonics advocates. Most people, including cryonicists, think the next ice age is at least a thousand years in the future if not more or never. They at least think that reanimation will take place before the onset of the ice age and its deleterious effect on progress. I differ because scientists like Zbignew Jaworowski says it's a near term liklihood. Here's a famous article he put out cryonicists should read. [+]

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