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Sunday, September 11, 2011

This is the end of the line for cryonics: NO REANIMATION IN AN ICE AGE.

Reanimation has always been thought of as the optimistic outcome of continuing progress and medical advances for several hundred years. The next ice age arrives before that. Cryonics has reached the end of its credibility line as a result.

A big part of acting on something is belief. And a big part of belief is suspending DISbelief. In the case of cryonics this has always held true. Lately, I've uncovered the ice age coverup. I am no longer able to "suspend my disbelief" in cryonics reanimation 500 years from now with the knowledge that we're descending into an ice age. It appears none of us will make it because civilization isn't prepared for an ice age. Agriculture as it stands right now will collapse, and is collapsing. Power systems are not sufficient to keep our progress going as it is, let alone with an approaching ice age. Even my favorite economist, Larouche, isn't pointing to the coming ice age and preparing for it. Only Witzsche is. It's the end of the line for cryonics.

[+] Wiki definition of "willing suspension of disbelief". I'm not able to suspend my disbelief in suspended animation given the inattention by suspension advocates and the world at large to the coming ice age... which will suspend civilization and progress. The coming ice age is the elephant in the room.

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