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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Prospect of Human Species Immortality is the context for personal immortality.

Ettinger's Prospect of Immortality left out the immortality of the human species which is obviously an essential precondition for personal immortality

Immortalize humanity to immortalize self
Cryonicists have silenced me, effectively, for raising the issue of the coming ice age. It's not the first time I've been silenced, ignored or attacked by cryonicists. In 2002, I had published an article in Cryonics magazine to introduce the Classical Humanist context for cryonics. It was roundly ignored and sidelined. However, it still has merit. It was based on the idea that humanity has to be immortal in order for personal physical immortality to come to fruition. Thus, cryonicists could successfully sell cryonics by first being considerate of the rest of humanity in a wider sense and arranging for the immortality of the species.

Cryonics philosophy today ignores human species immortality
Cryonicists should, by definition, be interested in the immortality of the human species in order to arrange for their own personal physical immortality. That makes sense to me. I can't understand why it doesn't make sense to other cryonicists. They don't debate me. They ignore me or attack me or villify me for that view.

Ice age kills reanimation
Now with the coming ice age, the writing is on the wall. Cryonics definitely is already in trouble because I've discovered that their sales plan of reanimation is completely off schedule. The ice age effectively cancels it. The ice age also will, without doubt, destroy mankind very shortly if we do not prepare. Cryonicists could be on the leading edge of advocating ice age preparation, but again, they've chosen to ignore, villify and disparage me for that view.

New perspective
Here's an article that act as an update to my original article in Cryonics magazine which was subtitled an Introduction to Classical Humanism. This update is by Rolf Witzshce who offers a perspective that cryonics needs to take into account to survive. [Rolf Witzche's article]


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