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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cryonicists point to Death Age forever and ignore coming Ice Age, on NewCryonet.

Mark compares Death Age to Ice Age.

Mark started a thread in Cryonet pretending that I'm ignoring the Death Age ahead while single mindedly paying attention to the Ice Age. [+] We ended up covering a wide range of cryonics ideas as well as more ice age debate, while a few others joined in. Comparing the Death Age and Ice Age was clever but they're not exclusive. We're aging and dying at the same time that the ice age is eliminating reanimation possibilities. It makes our task ahead even more unlikely to succeed but it does no good to focus on one or the other. Both must be addressed. It used to be space was the final frontier and the space program would drive science forward. Now, I think the ice age is the final frontier and dealing with it will drive science, including life science. That's where cryonics and life extension will be spun off. That's the way I see it now.

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