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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reanimation seen by longtime Alcor members in 30, 200 and 500+ years.

Source [+] Cryonics should model the reanimation estimates as a Venn Diagram, covering a period of 30 to 600 years, intersecting with the onset of the next ice age and its damaging effects if no action is taken, covering a period from now through about the next 100,000 years. In the diagram above, the reanimation circle would be on the left and the ice age circle should be an elongated circle extended to the right to cover 100,000 years. It's clear that reanimation estimates by long time cryonicists intersect the onset of the certain next ice age, negating the reanimation scenarios of everyone in cryonics except me. My estimate is 1000 years IF we prepare for the ice age starting now.

Here's a dicussion between long time cryonicists who are absolutely in the dark on the coming ice age, on the matter of when the first cryopreserved patient will be reanimated.

[Alcor forum thread on reanimation timeline]

Merkle thinks early, in terms of decades. David BrendtErichson thinking 200 years. MarkPlus (a psuedonym) won't say anymore since learning about the ice age interference in all reanimation scenarios. Earlier on his blog he said 500+ years, however. These cryonicists are well known to all cryonicists, Merkle being one of Alcor's boards and very inner circle, David having been around for years as well as Mark.

I was unable to mail my response to them because I've not been approved for the Alcor forum since I resigned my membership for reasons having to do essentially with Alcor's increasing prices and my own estimate of my future income in late life. My current conditions demand more financial attention than my immortality. Alcor won't allow non-members into the forum. I was an Alcor member officially for about 20 years and followed cryonics since the late 1970's. Alcor doesn't track their dropped members but does publish numbers that reflect a pretty high rate of turnover which I originally called churning, the term churing having then been carrief forward by unperson to the new cryonet forum where I was also banned for raising the ice age vs. reanimtion issue as well as the Ettinger suicide issue.

Back to my main point however which is-- the long time members like Merklke, Mark+ and DavidBE-- are "oblivious" to the threat of the oncoming ice age. You can see that their time lines intersect increasingly with the estimates of falling temperatures that will wipe out agriculture destroying civilization and population. I contend that unless civilization and cryonics in particular prepare for the ice age, no reanimation will ever occur due to lack of progress, scientists and people, not to mention the ice sheets that form will destroy all northern hemisphere countries including cryonics facilities. Alcor's facility might be out of reach but maybe not this time since a triple dip ice age is overdue. See the index for more on that.


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