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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The next Ice Age is near. If we err by not making the preparations we doom the future of humanity, and possibly us with it.

Rolf Witzche
Source [Alternate Healing]

Cryonics advocates generally have not grasped the fact that reanimation FROM cryonics requires a long "non ice age period" similar to the centuries and millenia that have preceded us during this latest "geological age summer" called the Holocene period. I myself became interested in cryonics during my teens, following up on it in my 20's, establishing real connections in my 30's. But then in my 40's I discovered that the economy of America and the world was intentionally be subverted, halting the progress needed for cryonics reanimation and higher standards of living. Now, in my 50's, I've discovered that not only is the economy being subverted but that we're heading into an ice too! The ice age is the worst possible forecast you can have if you're interested in progress toward reanimation in 500+ years from cryopreservation. Nobody in cryonics has seen this coming, until I did over the past several months. We can fix an economy but we've never dealt with an ice age in all of current history going back 12,000 years. This is new and devastating. The headline of this post is Witzsche's and here's his convincing short piece on the ice age. [+]

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