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Monday, September 5, 2011

How could HumanityPlus miss the coming ice age?

HumanityPlus missed the coming ice age

Search results on ice age at humanityplus show zero. [+] Zero results on the ice age means that we're looking at HumanityMinus in another 20 to 80 years as temperatures continue to drop, on average, lengthening winters, destroying agriculture and depopulating the earth. Hey! Maybe that's the goal? Depopulation. By not responding to the ice age, you automatically get depopulation! HumanityPlus could be a cover for HumanityMinus. What better cover to use than to claim the opposite goal of your true goal? Who would ever guess? The lack of acknowledgement of the coming ice age is the giveaway clue, the telltale sign, the "tell". Kurzweil covered the change of WTA to H+ and points to the coming ice age. Click on the logo above and see Kurzweil's HotSpotz section where there is an article on the coming ice age. Here's a direct link to the article that appeared on Kurzweil's site [+][+]


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