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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cryonicist Rick Potvin discovers coming ice age will prevent reanimation.

Source [+] Cryonicists have ignored my warning that the ice age is heading us off at the pass in terms of reanimation.

Unbelievably, I've made a stunning discovery. Cryonicists are arguing that reanimation can take place in 200 (Mike Darwin's estimate) years to 500+ years (Mark Plus). Estimates I've seen in the past are 600 years or 1000 years. In any case, Ettinger's proposal assumed that deterioration of the brain can be stalled for perhaps a thousand or more years while mankind's technological abilities are raised, leading to reanimation. The discovery that stuns me is that we're heading into a near term ice age WHICH PRE-EMPTS ALL REANIMATION SCENARIOS.

Even if cryonicists were to think that the coming ice age is hundreds of years off (which it is not), it's cutting it close and we in the cryonics community (and transhumanist community) NEVER considered this before! Cryonics is currently being sold under a false assumption that no ice age will PRE EMPT reanimation, when in fact, it will. We happen to be living at the end of a CYCLICAL WARM PERIOD. The HOLOSPHERE is currently COLLAPSING, since 1957 leading to a process that causes deep 100,000 year ice ages. ALL known history to date has been in the latest warm period

Read this by Rolf Witzsche on the timing of the next ice age. [+]

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