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Friday, September 2, 2011

Adaptation is humankind's forte but preparing to adapt is human genius.

Rick Potts appears in the latest documentary from NOVA presenting
a very nice theory on how we humans came to be through adapation

We can anticipate the ice age. We (humankind) no longer have to wait for the ice age and react to it. We can prepare in advance. Humankinds' forte is adaptation to any environment, on a societal scale and today that means the entire world of 7 billion people. We can adapt quickly through science driver high tech projects that anticipate and solve problems in adavance. The key to this is advance preparation. I'm a cryonics advocate and by definition, I think about the situation several hundred years into the future when I expected technology to be able to reanimate me. When I discovered the ice age problem, profoundly articulated by Rolf Witzshce, I was immediately able to grasp the significance of his treatise. After having read Larouche for ten years previous to that, I was well prepared for the type of remedial action that would be required to save civilation even without the ice age. Applying Larouche's thinking to the ice age problem defined by Witzsche opened a new vista on the far future, exactly what cryonics aspires to do. The fusion of Larouche, Witzsche and cryonics became a great blinding flash of insight for me that would eleveate cryonics AND civilization in one fell swoop! The key is preparing to adapt. I credit Rick Potts on NOVA for giving me that final capstone of insight.

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