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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cryonics advocates need to read this introduction to the next ice age.

The coming next 100,000 year cyclical predictable fast oncoming ice age effectively cancels the standard 500+ year cryonics reanimation scenario. So it effectively cancels cryonics. No cryonics advocate other than me will admit this. Why not? The only solution is to immediately reframe cryonics in the context of preparing for the coming ice age. -- Rick Potvin [EMAIL rick_potvin@yahoo.com][Sequential Reader from First Post NEW!!! ][Forum]

[Intro to ice age for cryonics advocates, members and promoters.]

I'm currently getting zero response from all email I send to cryonics people and I now have zero access to all cryonics forums, including Alcor's. I was an Alcor member for almost 20 years before giving up on trying to keep up with membership dues increases and requirements for higher and higher insurance amounts to be "fully funded". The first big blow to my confidence in Alcor and cryonics was in 2008 when I discovered that all the millionnaires in cryonics were locking their money up in perpetual trusts rather than giving bequests to cryonics related research and development of the programs. The joke is on them, however, because nobody is going to escape the impact of the near term return of the 100,000 year ice age, now overdue. The proximity of the next ice age was covered up starting in 1974. Mankind isn't prepared. It's as if a household is not ready for winter. Civilization is not ready for the big super-winter. Billions will die if we do not immediately transform our economy and thinking to accomodate the ice age. This is the biggest thing that has happened in all history.


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