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Friday, September 30, 2011

100% Ostracism / banishment / nonresponse to this idea.

During August and September 2011, I circulated the idea of the ice age conflict with current reanimation timelines around in cryonics forums and personal emails. Cryonics "legal" discussions continue-- pointless discussions on minutea-- but noone is reponding the ice age problem. No emails I've sent out on this have been responded to. It's "as if" there is a conspiracy of silence on it. Any one of a number of pointless debates and "news" in cryonics are carried forward but the ice age vs. reanimation idea is getting absolutely no feedback at all-- not even criticism. [More....]

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mike committing "reanimation suicide".

Mike wrote to New Cryonet

[Mike's post]

> These things are important to me because I believe the US and the world are
> headed for economic and social chaos, including runaway inflation of the
> and if either the organizations' patient care funds or the storage facilities
> vulnerable, we're all dead.

Like others I worry over these issues. If you take the position that great
social/economic chaos will occur before reanimations can be done, it starts to
seem doubtful that cryopatients will be maintained long enough to be reanimated.
If so, then it would seem that the best way to proceed is not to have to depend
on expensive, uninterrupted, very cold storage. Warmer storage, which might even
be in permafrost, with appropriate fixative or preservative measures, would seem
to offer a better prospect. It might lower the cost also. Research needs to be
done. But the feeling that "research needs to be done *first*" can be a deadly
inhibitor. (In the 1960s there were those who said this about freezing people
also. If all had listened to them the cryonics enterprise would never have
gotten started, or at least not when it did, Bedford would not have been frozen,
etc. When someone goes down you want to do what you *can* regardless of any
research that has or has not been done.)

One idea that has been proposed is to do storage of patients at around
-80C--this is about dry ice temperature, though it would not have to happen with
dry ice. Some combination of cryoprotection and chemical fixation could also be
done to both protect against freezing damage and also keep the patient as viable
as possible if there were brief periods of warming, or if, for example, patients
had to be moved to some sort of natural storage environment (permafrost). A
temperature of -80 could be maintained by an electrically powered freezer which
I've been told is fairly economical (especially if packed with neuros or brains
only) granted costs of electricity and storage space must be taken into account.

In any case it appears that neither Alcor nor CI (nor ACS) are anywhere close to
ready to move in this direction, that is, to broaden their services to include
lower-cost alternatives which might also be more durable in case of
socioeconomic disruption. Maybe KrioRus is more compatible with this approach
but more is badly needed in this area.

Mike Perry

I wrote him back...


You pointed to chaos before reanimation-- well, chaos will occur as agriculture fails as the ice age temperatures descend on us. The heliosphere has been shrinking for 50 years now and we're 500 years overdue in this 12,000 year warm period for another 100,000 cyclical ice age. Why are you ignoring this? Is it because you think it's "just another" existential risk to survival? It's the mother of all existential risks, actually. But I've emailed you on this before and like the rest of the cryonics community, you're now engaged in actual "reanimation suicide" apparently-- meaning that I have pointed out a clear indication of a reanimation showstopper and you're doing nothing about it-- not even referring to it. There can be no reanimation in a world of "chaos" as you charmingly put it-- a euphemism for "all hell breaking loose"-- and caused by starvation due to failing worldwide agriculture-- leading to massive depopulation. I now have to put you in the column of people who advocate (or who are not bothered by) massive depopulation thinking they, among the few "chosen ones" might be able to survive. It's a fundamentally fatal world view and extremely anti-cryonics since cryonics by defintion involves reanimation-- and reanimation by definition involves the relatively near future-- which now neccessarily involves the descent into the ice age. Unless cryonicists address the coming ice age, they, by definition are not cryonicists. They are preservationists only. This now includes you. You've been given your chance. rick_potvin@yahoo.com


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is Dave committing "reanimation suicide" by ignoring the coming ice age?

Read this. [+] Now consider the question "As this near term ice age return obviously intercepts all reanimation timelines, is it not something of a suicide for cryonicists to ignore it?" or... "is Dave committing reanimation suicide?".


Reanimation seen by longtime Alcor members in 30, 200 and 500+ years.

Source [+] Cryonics should model the reanimation estimates as a Venn Diagram, covering a period of 30 to 600 years, intersecting with the onset of the next ice age and its damaging effects if no action is taken, covering a period from now through about the next 100,000 years. In the diagram above, the reanimation circle would be on the left and the ice age circle should be an elongated circle extended to the right to cover 100,000 years. It's clear that reanimation estimates by long time cryonicists intersect the onset of the certain next ice age, negating the reanimation scenarios of everyone in cryonics except me. My estimate is 1000 years IF we prepare for the ice age starting now.

Here's a dicussion between long time cryonicists who are absolutely in the dark on the coming ice age, on the matter of when the first cryopreserved patient will be reanimated.

[Alcor forum thread on reanimation timeline]

Merkle thinks early, in terms of decades. David BrendtErichson thinking 200 years. MarkPlus (a psuedonym) won't say anymore since learning about the ice age interference in all reanimation scenarios. Earlier on his blog he said 500+ years, however. These cryonicists are well known to all cryonicists, Merkle being one of Alcor's boards and very inner circle, David having been around for years as well as Mark.

I was unable to mail my response to them because I've not been approved for the Alcor forum since I resigned my membership for reasons having to do essentially with Alcor's increasing prices and my own estimate of my future income in late life. My current conditions demand more financial attention than my immortality. Alcor won't allow non-members into the forum. I was an Alcor member officially for about 20 years and followed cryonics since the late 1970's. Alcor doesn't track their dropped members but does publish numbers that reflect a pretty high rate of turnover which I originally called churning, the term churing having then been carrief forward by unperson to the new cryonet forum where I was also banned for raising the ice age vs. reanimtion issue as well as the Ettinger suicide issue.

Back to my main point however which is-- the long time members like Merklke, Mark+ and DavidBE-- are "oblivious" to the threat of the oncoming ice age. You can see that their time lines intersect increasingly with the estimates of falling temperatures that will wipe out agriculture destroying civilization and population. I contend that unless civilization and cryonics in particular prepare for the ice age, no reanimation will ever occur due to lack of progress, scientists and people, not to mention the ice sheets that form will destroy all northern hemisphere countries including cryonics facilities. Alcor's facility might be out of reach but maybe not this time since a triple dip ice age is overdue. See the index for more on that.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Japanese animators see reanimation of Ettinger in 500 years.

Source[NMA] You'll see "500 years later" in this video... watch for it

In cryonics as a whole, there has not been much discussion of reanimation time lines. [+][+][+][+] The general idea of reanimation from cryonics, when it is discussed, is generally situated in around 500 to 600 years at current rates of technological change. This notion has been internationalized as seen in this Japanase video about Robert Ettinger. I found the existence of that timeline in that video very curious and interesting.

Also note the surprise upon Ettinger's reanimation in 500 years-- although the surprise that today's cryonicists have, once they acknowledge I'm right, is that we're currently descending into an ice age, with a sharp drop in temperatures and agriculture failure overdue by 500 years in this current Holocene period. Cryonicists I've known personally, like Dave Pizer, continue to refuse to acknowledge the obvious implication: Reanimation as we've thought of it has been cancelled until further notice-- until we meet the Cryonics Ice Age Challange.

Cryonics Institute will obviously fail-- as snow locks Michigan into year round severe winters. Here's a short sample of a documentary with Leonard Nimoy narrating. He describes Buffalo NY in 1978, close enough to CI.

Alcor will fail because its located in desert where there is little food production although the entire food production of the world will fail as temperatures fall. This is certain. This is not like the existential disasters that LifeBoat.org discuss (they ignore the coming ice age!! and their forum members have rejected my view!!!???). LifeBoat.org is thus guilty of misleading readers and members. No disaster is as certain and as near as the plunge into the ice age with its attendant starvation and world depopulation. Cryonics will not survive such a world.

The only way for cryonics to survive is to participate in Rolf Witzshce's Ice Age Challenge for human survival. IF we take 500 years as a working estimate of a reanimation timeline, then the descent into the ice age will begin far sooner than reanimation. All the cryonicists currently in stasis thus depend on us, now, to rescue them from the coming ice age. Dave Pizer is refusing to help them. So is the rest of the cryonics community. By definition, then, they cannot possibly be true cryonicists. The question is... who exactly are they then? Who is Dave? Without taking the coming ice age into account, he can't possibly be a cryonicist, by definition!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dynamic Ice Age Reality (DIAR) is here, Dave Pizer.

Source [+] Dave Pizer is being given a change to do a reality check on his cryonics reanimation plans.

OPEN LETTER TO DAVE PIZER, ostensible cryonicist.
[Read this ice age article]

This is cutting edge futurism based on the reality of the coming ice age. You "claim" to be interested in cryonics, Dave. I'm not so sure that your claim is valid anymore because you're rejecting the coming ice age as a threat to reanimation. Obviously cryonics is nothing without reanimation. That's ostensibly why you have a perp trust... so you can have some spending money when you're reanimated. That makes it look like you're interested in the future and in being reanimated.

Well, I've uncovered a plot-- essentially a brainwashing plot-- unbelievable as that may sound. It's true. The near term future of the world is an ice age, in fact. UNLESS you begin to think, prepare and plan now (along with others of us) for the near term ice age, you can kiss your reanimation and your trust funds goodbye because cryonics ain't gonna happen UNLESS cryonics prepares for the ice age. I call it Dynamic Ice Age REanimation. DIARE (dare).

I dare you to read the above article and understand it. Have yourself a stiff drink, and prepare to be shocked. If you do not respond to this article in a way that is at least mildly curious, I cannot consider you to be a cryonicist (since you're not really interested in reanimation, which is what cryonics is all about). This is your final test. Isn't it strange how things work out?

Rick Potvin

P.S. Here is a picture of the Munchkins, those in cryonics who fail to adopt the Dynamic Ice Age REanimation Reality (DIARR). Ice Age Munchkins ridicule me, try to ban me from forums (deRivaz and gang at new cryonet, shun me (others) and ignore reality falsely accusing me of silly things and generally attributing false motives to me. Here are the cryonics munchkins. A munchkin is a "diminutive person" originally in German. In this case, the cryonics munchkin has a diminutive mind that either cannot or simply refuses to see the big picture of DIARR.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cryonicist Rick Potvin discovers coming ice age will prevent reanimation.

Source [+] Cryonicists have ignored my warning that the ice age is heading us off at the pass in terms of reanimation.

Unbelievably, I've made a stunning discovery. Cryonicists are arguing that reanimation can take place in 200 (Mike Darwin's estimate) years to 500+ years (Mark Plus). Estimates I've seen in the past are 600 years or 1000 years. In any case, Ettinger's proposal assumed that deterioration of the brain can be stalled for perhaps a thousand or more years while mankind's technological abilities are raised, leading to reanimation. The discovery that stuns me is that we're heading into a near term ice age WHICH PRE-EMPTS ALL REANIMATION SCENARIOS.

Even if cryonicists were to think that the coming ice age is hundreds of years off (which it is not), it's cutting it close and we in the cryonics community (and transhumanist community) NEVER considered this before! Cryonics is currently being sold under a false assumption that no ice age will PRE EMPT reanimation, when in fact, it will. We happen to be living at the end of a CYCLICAL WARM PERIOD. The HOLOSPHERE is currently COLLAPSING, since 1957 leading to a process that causes deep 100,000 year ice ages. ALL known history to date has been in the latest warm period

Read this by Rolf Witzsche on the timing of the next ice age. [+]

[Discussion ]

Stunning showstopper in cryonics is shunned and suppressed.

Source [+] Cryonics is heading into the ice age along with the rest of civilization. Unless we prepare, as a whole civilization, there will be no reanimation no matter how well your cryopreservation is done.

Over the pst year, I've uncovered a stunning electric universe showstopper related to cryonics reanimation. I've tried to alert other cryonicists and transhumanists to the coming ice age but I'v been roundly ignored, cut off from yet another forum, or ridicules. This proves cryonicists are not thinking. When will they wake up to the overall number one threat to reanimation -- the near term ice age ahead of us?

Latest ice age articles by Rolf Witzsche, my favorite breakthrough source. [+]

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cryonics: Jaworowsky says ice age starts in 1 to 50 years.

Source [+] Cryonics' worse nightmare-- Zbigniew Jaworowski


Zbigniew Jaworowski quotes some scientists' projections that we might still have 50 to 150 years left of the present warm climate, while the transition period itself is deemed to be short, in the range of 1-50 years in duration. He suggest that the transition might begin any time and without warning.


My comment - Cryonics reanimation is not thought of as occurring in 1-50 years. In fact reanimation is seen as possible in 600+ years with continual progress. The coming ice age is real and it presents a roadblock to cryonics. The only option cryonics has is to confront the ice age by announcing to the world that it will immediately begin preparing for it.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kennita points to experiment that might speed up ice age.

[Pic source] Kennita confused terrorism with regulation

Ice Age Cryonics is an attempt to draw attention to the most awesome big picture show stopper in cryonics which is the coming imminent near term ice age--- both "little" and the big and the "triple big"-- a correspondence of 3 multi million year cycles coming into all time lows for the first time since Earth orbited Sol. The ice age changes everything in cryonics since reanimation is the goal of cryonics... and reanimation has just been interrupted! ...or worse-- cancelled!

Reanimation has typically been thought of in cryonics as a "future medical science" that will occur as current technology progresses. I myself believe that, with minor arguments here and there on the details. The problem is that progress has been thought of, since Ettinger's book on this in 1964, as being fairly smooth, fairly certain, and fairly uplifting to our survival possibilities. The coming certain ice age puts a serious crimp in that technological continuity. In fact, it crashes it pretty badly. And it's certain... absolutely certain. Further, it's occruing now. [Ice Age Now]

Kennita pointed to an example of a horrible experiment being carried out by people who can't understand that science and research have a moral and ethical component. [+] They're pushing particles into the stratsophere to reflect sunlight to cool the earth. [+] Global warming is not, in fact taking place so this experiment if carried out on a large scale, would accelerate the onset of the coming ice age and wipe out crops and agriculture around the planet, leading to faster depopulation. It's the opposite of what is needed.

Kennita then makes a mistake in her use of words. She suggests that stopping such an experiment would constitute terrorism. IT's actually the other way around. The seeding of the stratosphere could be considered as high tech terrorism, since it terrifies me for what I know it's effects will be. To stop that, you would introduce and enforce good governing regulation that says "you can't do that".

John DeRivaz, who set up the vote to ban me from New Cryonet for talking about the problem the coming ice age introduces for cryonics reanimation thinking, provided a link to my discussion on this this morning. Thanks to John for that.

[Discussion-- or fight/argument/polite denials etc]

Friday, September 16, 2011

This blog now appears in top 3 selections for cryonics.

source [+] Getting the ice age message out to anyone interested in cryonics is tricky considering the resistance but blogsearch should facilitate it.

[See Google blogsearch for cryonics]

After being banned from NewCryonet, I think I have some visibility again.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Prospect of Human Species Immortality is the context for personal immortality.

Ettinger's Prospect of Immortality left out the immortality of the human species which is obviously an essential precondition for personal immortality

Immortalize humanity to immortalize self
Cryonicists have silenced me, effectively, for raising the issue of the coming ice age. It's not the first time I've been silenced, ignored or attacked by cryonicists. In 2002, I had published an article in Cryonics magazine to introduce the Classical Humanist context for cryonics. It was roundly ignored and sidelined. However, it still has merit. It was based on the idea that humanity has to be immortal in order for personal physical immortality to come to fruition. Thus, cryonicists could successfully sell cryonics by first being considerate of the rest of humanity in a wider sense and arranging for the immortality of the species.

Cryonics philosophy today ignores human species immortality
Cryonicists should, by definition, be interested in the immortality of the human species in order to arrange for their own personal physical immortality. That makes sense to me. I can't understand why it doesn't make sense to other cryonicists. They don't debate me. They ignore me or attack me or villify me for that view.

Ice age kills reanimation
Now with the coming ice age, the writing is on the wall. Cryonics definitely is already in trouble because I've discovered that their sales plan of reanimation is completely off schedule. The ice age effectively cancels it. The ice age also will, without doubt, destroy mankind very shortly if we do not prepare. Cryonicists could be on the leading edge of advocating ice age preparation, but again, they've chosen to ignore, villify and disparage me for that view.

New perspective
Here's an article that act as an update to my original article in Cryonics magazine which was subtitled an Introduction to Classical Humanism. This update is by Rolf Witzshce who offers a perspective that cryonics needs to take into account to survive. [Rolf Witzche's article]


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ralph Merkle sees reanimation in 2040-- which would beat the oncoming ice age.

[Picture source- Foresight Institute]
Ralph Merkle might be snowblind to the coming ice age

[+] Merkle thinks reanimation would be in 30 years. I personally don't think so. The onset of the next deep ice age happens to be occurring now. [Ice Age Now][Ice Age Ahead] The principle of what makes a living organism and the principle of what makes human cognition are far from being understood let alone recoverable soon. Most estimates are 600 years with Mark Plus dropping his estimate to 500+ latetly. But with the now quickly oncoming 100,000 ice age, with mankind unprepared, the research on the principles of life and mind will only become financially less feasible and then cease altother. Reanimation on the timeline that Merkle imagines is looking unlikely. Merkle is on Alcor's board so has a vested interest in making cheerful remarks about reanimation to sell memberships. Alcor has been churning members for decades now based on overly optimistic futures that ignore the coming ice age. Cryonicists have blackballed me for raising the ice age issue.

I have not checked with Foresight Institute yet. [Google site search on Foresight for "ice age" gives 48 promising results. ][Merkle site search on Foresight.com] Merkle won a Foresight award for... well-- having foresight I guess. However, the site search shows the Foresight sees the ice age coming and Merkle doesn't. I'll try to verify these preliminary observations with something more definite in coming weeks. CPlatt always said pick up a phone and fact check but I think we can do a lot before we reach that point.

[Discussion and updates in threaded outline format ]

Immins.org forum participants write off the ice age with false objections.

Link and Maxwatt responded to my post at Imminst/cryonics on the coming ice age and reanimation. [+] They raise several points but I don't seem to be able to post a response at Imminst.org even though I'm logged in. I'll try again and point them to my discussion forum where I'll attack their objections in outline format.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cryonics refuses to face the coming ice age destruction of reanimation scenarios.

As of Sept. 2011, cryonics refuses to consider the ice age and its nearness and complete destruction of all of our reanimation scenarios.

Cryonics advocates need to read this introduction to the next ice age.

The coming next 100,000 year cyclical predictable fast oncoming ice age effectively cancels the standard 500+ year cryonics reanimation scenario. So it effectively cancels cryonics. No cryonics advocate other than me will admit this. Why not? The only solution is to immediately reframe cryonics in the context of preparing for the coming ice age. -- Rick Potvin [EMAIL rick_potvin@yahoo.com][Sequential Reader from First Post NEW!!! ][Forum]

[Intro to ice age for cryonics advocates, members and promoters.]

I'm currently getting zero response from all email I send to cryonics people and I now have zero access to all cryonics forums, including Alcor's. I was an Alcor member for almost 20 years before giving up on trying to keep up with membership dues increases and requirements for higher and higher insurance amounts to be "fully funded". The first big blow to my confidence in Alcor and cryonics was in 2008 when I discovered that all the millionnaires in cryonics were locking their money up in perpetual trusts rather than giving bequests to cryonics related research and development of the programs. The joke is on them, however, because nobody is going to escape the impact of the near term return of the 100,000 year ice age, now overdue. The proximity of the next ice age was covered up starting in 1974. Mankind isn't prepared. It's as if a household is not ready for winter. Civilization is not ready for the big super-winter. Billions will die if we do not immediately transform our economy and thinking to accomodate the ice age. This is the biggest thing that has happened in all history.


I no longer am allowed to post in any cryonics forum.... no matter because...

...because cryonics the primary issue is no longer internal but external. The external issue is the coming ice age.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Letter to The Humanist points out coming ice age conflict with cryonics reanimation.

I emailed The Humanist the following...

Your recent article on cryonics drew attention from.... um... cryonicists. I'm one.

The problem cryonics faces now, from my perspective, doesn't involve anything spiritual but rather the coming ice age. Cryonicists expect reanimation in the future when medical technology is more advanced. If you buy that premise, as cryonicists do, then you have to buy the premise that technology will advance over the next 500 years, for example, as some cryonicst scenarios go.

I pointed out to cryonicists that the coming ice age is going to present a problem to smooth technological upgrades leading to reanimation and they've ignored or ridiculed me. If you pointed out the problem of the coming ice age in your next article about cryonics, it might wake them up to that reality.

Rick Potvin
Ice Age Cryonics


A new report to cryonicists from IceAgeCryonics-- It's going to be 30X colder than little ice age soon.

Here's my favorite writer on the coming ice age... Rolf Witzsche. I'm pointing cryonics advocates here as a public service to them and as a possible way to help accelerate overall human awarenss of what we really face. Reanimation for cryonicists definitely has to be reevaluated in light of this... [+] Specially invited are Unson, Max, Eric, Mark, Dave, Freep, or anyone signed up for cryonics. This material changes everything about cryonics because it impacts all our reanimation scenarios. Cryonics is not what it says it is (a ambulance to the future for reanimation possibilities) UNLESS it at least recognizes this coming ice age which will destroy progress as we've known it. There are solutions, but you have to recognize the problem before you have a solution. Nobody in cryonics has recognized this problem yet.


Email to Max More of Alcor indicates points him here -- and notes 2% endowment is faulty.

I just wrote to Max More as follows....


Long term thinking

You wrote the endowment fund is an example of long term thinking but there's a problem with that endowment. A 2% payout rate destroys the board's ability to maneuvre. For example, some colleges and universities has huge tuition fees but billions locked up in 2% endowments. The endowment might have seemed like a good idea but locking it up at 2% output no matter what was rediculous in my view.

As far as long term thinking goes, there is no long term with an ice age head. The coming ice age which is overdue destroys the traditional view of progress toward reanimation. See http://www.iceagecryonics.blogspot.com



Sunday, September 11, 2011

This is the end of the line for cryonics: NO REANIMATION IN AN ICE AGE.

Reanimation has always been thought of as the optimistic outcome of continuing progress and medical advances for several hundred years. The next ice age arrives before that. Cryonics has reached the end of its credibility line as a result.

A big part of acting on something is belief. And a big part of belief is suspending DISbelief. In the case of cryonics this has always held true. Lately, I've uncovered the ice age coverup. I am no longer able to "suspend my disbelief" in cryonics reanimation 500 years from now with the knowledge that we're descending into an ice age. It appears none of us will make it because civilization isn't prepared for an ice age. Agriculture as it stands right now will collapse, and is collapsing. Power systems are not sufficient to keep our progress going as it is, let alone with an approaching ice age. Even my favorite economist, Larouche, isn't pointing to the coming ice age and preparing for it. Only Witzsche is. It's the end of the line for cryonics.

[+] Wiki definition of "willing suspension of disbelief". I'm not able to suspend my disbelief in suspended animation given the inattention by suspension advocates and the world at large to the coming ice age... which will suspend civilization and progress. The coming ice age is the elephant in the room.

[Discussion, updates and questions]

The coming ice age was big news in the 1970s.

[Articles citing coming ice age problem.

My comment-- There was a concerted effort to suppress this beginning in 1974. Since then, corporate controlled media has successfull suppressed it. Only now with the explosion of the interent and sites like mine are we seeing the truth emerge again. Also see Witzsche for more on the ice age. (Google witzsche + ice age). For those in cryonics who know I'm a Larouche fan, realize that Larouche is not as alert to the ice age or even the electric universe as he should be. It's the first big failure of Larouche policy I've noted. Still, his history is impeccable as well as the immediately solutions to the fanancial crisis. But the ice age trumps all of this.

Mass starvation as ice age looms.

[Google search "mass starvation" + "ice age"]

Cryonicists are ignoring the idea that the cryonics reanimation part of cryonics is going to be negatively impacted by what is a cyclical and inevitable deep ice age. Nobody has decided to discuss it despite the discussion forum linked below and my numerous links to it in Cryonet, the cryonics discussion group. In fact I was banned from that group for discussing it.

The first effect of the declining temperatures associated with the coming deep ice age will be the failure of agriculture and mass starvation. Cryonicists are members of humanity and nations and for humanity to survive, we'll need to prepare WELL in advance to survive the ice age. Cryonicists could be leading the world on this point but they continue to bury their heads in the snow.

Look at the ice age and mass starvation.

[Comments, Questions and Updates]

Curry Taylor is made aware that reanimation has been cancelled due to the ice age.

Curry Taylor's reanimation will amount to powdered Curry coming out of the cryonics dewar in 100,00 years if the ice age problem is not solved.

[Curry's Post to Cryonet] I responded briefly by pointing out that neither organization, CI or Alcor, acknowledges reanimation interruption by ice age yet and that he should join the one that gives him a favorable heads up on the ice age after having them view this website.

[Discussion and Updates]

The next Ice Age is near. If we err by not making the preparations we doom the future of humanity, and possibly us with it.

Rolf Witzche
Source [Alternate Healing]

Cryonics advocates generally have not grasped the fact that reanimation FROM cryonics requires a long "non ice age period" similar to the centuries and millenia that have preceded us during this latest "geological age summer" called the Holocene period. I myself became interested in cryonics during my teens, following up on it in my 20's, establishing real connections in my 30's. But then in my 40's I discovered that the economy of America and the world was intentionally be subverted, halting the progress needed for cryonics reanimation and higher standards of living. Now, in my 50's, I've discovered that not only is the economy being subverted but that we're heading into an ice too! The ice age is the worst possible forecast you can have if you're interested in progress toward reanimation in 500+ years from cryopreservation. Nobody in cryonics has seen this coming, until I did over the past several months. We can fix an economy but we've never dealt with an ice age in all of current history going back 12,000 years. This is new and devastating. The headline of this post is Witzsche's and here's his convincing short piece on the ice age. [+]

[Discussionand Updates]

Saturday, September 10, 2011

This blog has been submitted to Google Spider.

Source [YetAnotherStudio.com"] I think I'm ready to be spidered. This will
change cryonics as we've known it.


Cryonics needs to be aware that next solar cycle will be weak leading to "little ice age"

Pulkovo Obervatory. Source [Wiki]

Check this out, cryonics fans...

Three independent U.S. studies of solar activity, arrive at the same conclusions put forth earlier by the Pulkovo Observatory in St. Petersburg:

solar activity is declining;
the current solar cycle 24, which began in December 2008 is likely to be a weak one; and
the following cycle, expected to begin around 2018 to 2022, may be so weak as to bring on a new Little Ice Age.
source [LarouchePac]

My comment-- Cryonics is not likely going to develop reanimation by the time the mass starvation occurs as a result of the little ice age, a precursor to the major ice age we're descending into. The only explanation I have for cryonics people not being interested in this is because those who understand the implications think they alone can survive depopulation and mass starvation.

[Threaded discussion outline... or you can comment below-- but the outline is where I do updates.

Zbignew Jaworowski is a famous scientist whose work points to near term ice age onset.

Source [+] Jbignew Jaworowski

Cryonicists have rejected my idea that reanimation plans will be impacted by the near term onset of the ice age because they have been preoccupied with other issues and refuse to consider an issue that completely crushes our plans as procryonics advocates. Most people, including cryonicists, think the next ice age is at least a thousand years in the future if not more or never. They at least think that reanimation will take place before the onset of the ice age and its deleterious effect on progress. I differ because scientists like Zbignew Jaworowski says it's a near term liklihood. Here's a famous article he put out cryonicists should read. [+]

Cloud cover increasing due to cosmic rays for past 300 years.

Source [Shaw.CA]

I haven't been able to expand on the evidence for the near term return of the ice age which will destroy cryonics reanimation plans as we currently know them because cryonicists have not even provided me with questions or a benefit of doubt to the point where I can at least offer further explanations. Instead, they've ostracized, banned and insulted me even for raising the idea. That should not the case since clearly, "IF" the returning ice age is soon, "THEN" it clearly impacts cryonics reanimation, generally expected to be in the order of hundreds of years from now with smooth uninterrupted technogical and medical progress. The problem is that that smooth progress trend has been cancelled with my revelation of the POSSIBILITY of the ice age. From here on however, I will occasionally offer evidence as I see it. The above graph shows cloud cover over that past 300 years. I'm not sure how it was generated but its' worth looking at and determining its truth and significance. The idea of the cyclical ice ages is that cosmic ray density increases, providing a nucleus for condensation increasing cloud cover, cooling the entire world.

Shouldn't Simon Cowell be told that the coming ice age will ruin reanimation efforts?

Source [Time]

Simon Cowell has apprarently been publicly pro cryonics. He might want to know the ice is coming. Nobody is going to believe cryonicists who sell a cryonics plan that does NOT take the coming ice age into account. So selling a reanimation policy to Cowell is going to raise questions. On the other hand, if Simon Cowell is fully informed about the collision of reanimation with the ice age, he'll see cryonicists as honest and realistic and more likely to involve himself. [Agree, disagree?]

A whole new generation of cryonics-aware kids will understand the ice ages from a cartoon.

The Ice Age cartoon movie series seemed pointless and rediculous to me at first but now, after seeing cryonicists reject my theory, I might look at it more closely.

I have completely ignored the Ice Age Movies until this morning. My thinking on this matter now goes something like this: The current generation and even the next generation after that of people in my age group, the cohort just behind me and the cohort behind them, are finished as far as their "brainwashing" goes. It will now be up the children who found ICE AGE movies entertaining to take that mind-wash forward into adulthood to be the first human generation to seriously respond to the ice age. It may or may not be too late. We have no way of telling. I'll look into the motivation behind the Ice Age movies a bit further to find the redeeming qualities, if any.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Testing Sam Jackon, a visitor to Mike's blog, for "ice age/reanimation" response.

[Sam's blog]

I asked Sam what he thinks of the coming ice age and its implications for cryonics reanimation. The article I posted the comment to was about progress and the future.

Complete shutout of ice age implications on cryonics via shunning / behaviorist tricks.

All cryonicists and cryonics forums I've raised the idea of the ice age to have stopped all feedback, have banned me from their discussions and have stopped answering my posts to their blogs by deletions.

The cryonicists don't want to know about the coming ice age. None have offered explanations. Even the response on Immortality Institute's blog (Bruce Kleins group) have not responded to my ice age post. The Terasem people have not responded. I've been banned from the NewCryonet. Mike has deleted multiple relevent posts I've made to his blog. So has Mark. There is no response from several other cryos I emailed independently. Mike even wrote that the way to handle posts you don't want to hear in the age of the internet is to "not feed the monster" or some such thing. So I would say that shunning ideas and people that present a challange to a worldview is now handled by cryonics by non response, an attempt to "extinguish" behavior. It's a silly thing to impose on humans because it doesn't work... in effect, it doesn't stop the oncoming reality of the ice age and its destruction of all cryonics reanimation scenarios as we've known them. Ettinger deanimated just in time to avoid knowing about this.

[Discussion, continuance and further analysis

I'm now registered with Imminst/Longecity Cryonics forum!

Immortality Institute changed it's name to Longecity to rhyme with longevity it seems.

I've been banned from NewCryonet, and several cryonics bloggers have gone into a deletion "rage" over my pointing to the ice age and its conflict with cryo reanimation scenarios. Slow but surely, the entire idea of the coming ice age is being "locked out" of the entire cryonics dicussion. One very big forum about cryonics has been the Imminst.org cryonics forum where famous cryonicist Brian Wowk, originally from Winnipeg, and now working for Saul Kent in the 21st Century Medicine lab that focuses on cryobiology (while keeping cryonics applications under the radar), hangs out.

A few years ago, I began posting to that forum about Owada's magnetic freezing of food and it's potential in cryonics. Entire posts on that were moved from the main forum to a side area somewhere for reasons that were not reasonable in my estimation. Ultimately they banned me. Since then, the format and name has changed but the people and the temperament are expected to be the same as I introduce the ice age problem in cryonics reanimation. Here is the first attempt....

[Forum thread about the ice age and cryonics reanimation in Longecity]

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I never tire of looking at ice age graphs on google-- here's a good one.

This graph is from Friends of Science [+] I'm not sure what their position is yet but the graph is nice

You can see that the interesting part of the graph is at the very beginning as our current 14,000 year "Holocene" warm period "holiday" begins. Now we're due for a "little ice age" as you can plainly see... as well as a deep 100,000 year ice age. The impact that this has on cryonics reanimation scenerios of the standard 500+ years of smoothly accelerating progress is so devastating that I have been bounced out of several cryonics forums and attacked by high profile cryonicists who have not responded in any way to the content of my alerts on this matter. It makes cryonics seem to me to be something other than what it currently is saying it is... which is a sort of gateway to the future, potentially. But that gateway leads off a cliff, now, into an ice age. They refuse to listen to me!!! Yet it's clear to me.

Mark associates ice age with me instead of as a natural reality!!!!

[Mark's response to ice age and reanimation ]

Update... Mark deleted his comments about me and my response. His original comments attacked my positions on other issues as wacky. I responded by asking him to consider the coming ice age in isolation from me... as if he was looking at it on his own. The post that insulted me was deleted after that.

I'm currently asking Mike Darwin for his view on the coming ice age's effect on reanimation plans.

We'll see what he says in his blog here--> [+]

UPDATE: Mike DELETED my comment about the ice age that was relevent to that thread! So that's Mike's answer!!! DELETION.

Saul and Bill's reanimation foundation in trouble due to ice age.

[+] Uh oh. The Reanimation Foundation and the Perpetual Trusts are all in trouble because the ice age will set in long before any reanimation can occur. Instead in a few years we're going to see mass starvation due to failing agriculture due to lower average temps and longer winters.

I'll soon ask Saul and bill about their views on the coming ice age.

Reanimation timeline gets only 2 hits.

[+] How could "reanimation timeline" get so little attention.

My reanimation problem in 1996


Little ice age possible in 4 years.

A Russian expert points to a little ice age in a few years. [Article][Cont'd...]

I'm changing the look and feel here again to the original design.

I don't like the sidebars anymore. The index is at the bottom. The posts will be short. The extended article will be in ouline format. [cont'd...]

Reanimation expectations based on a smoothly accelerating higher tech future over the next several hundred years are delusional and unrealistic given the certainty of the now-arriving inevitable cyclical next ice age. This blog is to alert cryonicists to this and help them deal with it. -- Rick Potvin

Monday, September 5, 2011

Imminst.org (Longecity) at least open to considering near term ice age temps.

What earth might look like BEFORE cryonics reanimation or nanotech can
rescue us from cryopreservation. Oops. Didn't think of that!

[133 results] for "ice age" come up on a search at Longevity City (used to be Immortality Institute) where Brian Wowk hangs out online. This is promising but I have not explored the hits yet. Here's one quote from one post that shows that the people in Imminst.org (Longecity) are more respectful of the potential problem of a near term plunge into ice age temperatures, unlike the group of 91 people in NewCryonet, 26 of whom voted on whether to allow ice age discussion and only 9 of those voting yes.

So, I came home and turned on the Science Channel. They looked at the history of the Earth's climate. There have been wide swings in the temperature in the past, especially in the distant past.

They said the Earth was kept stable by the flow of warm water in a certain current. Once that stopped, they argued that the Earth could enter a New Ice Age within ten years. So, take you pick. There are all kinds of opinions. I really don'[t know what to believe. I tend to think it will all happen so slowly we will hardly notice.

[Discuss, expand on, refute or debate. Argue... insult or change the subject]

How could HumanityPlus miss the coming ice age?

HumanityPlus missed the coming ice age

Search results on ice age at humanityplus show zero. [+] Zero results on the ice age means that we're looking at HumanityMinus in another 20 to 80 years as temperatures continue to drop, on average, lengthening winters, destroying agriculture and depopulating the earth. Hey! Maybe that's the goal? Depopulation. By not responding to the ice age, you automatically get depopulation! HumanityPlus could be a cover for HumanityMinus. What better cover to use than to claim the opposite goal of your true goal? Who would ever guess? The lack of acknowledgement of the coming ice age is the giveaway clue, the telltale sign, the "tell". Kurzweil covered the change of WTA to H+ and points to the coming ice age. Click on the logo above and see Kurzweil's HotSpotz section where there is an article on the coming ice age. Here's a direct link to the article that appeared on Kurzweil's site [+][+]


Lifeboat Foundation completely missed the coming ice age!

The world is entering an ice age unprepared, reminiscent of the
Titanic's striking an unseen iceberg. Lifeboats didn't help
very much

The Lifeboat Foundation has no reference on the coming ice age. [+] This is very curious to me, to a startling and ominous degree. With all those "smart" people in the Lifeboat Foundation, has nobody even considered the coming ice age? I'll likely try to get some feedback from Lifeboat People in coming days or weeks on this issue. I consider myself to be like the only deckhand who is awake in the middle of the night when I see an approaching iceberg. There will be no need to use the lifeboats if I can wake the captain and the crew up in time to swerve to avoid it! Ice Age Cryonics is intended to be that alarm in the middle of the night. We're approaching an "ice age" iceberg!

[Discussion Outline]

Sunday, September 4, 2011

NewCryonet Star Chamber tries to suppress ice age implications for cryonics.

Jeff Davis is "tired of this crap", referring to the ice age and
recommends ruthless and immediate deletion of my posts

[Thread on Cryonet] The hackles I've raised in the NewCryonet forum surprises even me. The tone of condesension and anger is unbelievable. Several long time cryonicists have voiced unreasoning demands that my posts be deleted and that I be banned. Discussion of the coming ice age isn't allowed, even though cryonics reanimation has always been thought of as well into a high tech advancing future whereas estimates for the onset of the next ice age are only 20 to 80 years. Cryonicists who signed up for cryonics and reduced their terror through terror management have been shaken up.

[Cryonet Poll thread]

[My original ice age alert post to Cryonet]

[Discussion Outline] Question: Is this really fair?

Cryonicists point to Death Age forever and ignore coming Ice Age, on NewCryonet.

Mark compares Death Age to Ice Age.

Mark started a thread in Cryonet pretending that I'm ignoring the Death Age ahead while single mindedly paying attention to the Ice Age. [+] We ended up covering a wide range of cryonics ideas as well as more ice age debate, while a few others joined in. Comparing the Death Age and Ice Age was clever but they're not exclusive. We're aging and dying at the same time that the ice age is eliminating reanimation possibilities. It makes our task ahead even more unlikely to succeed but it does no good to focus on one or the other. Both must be addressed. It used to be space was the final frontier and the space program would drive science forward. Now, I think the ice age is the final frontier and dealing with it will drive science, including life science. That's where cryonics and life extension will be spun off. That's the way I see it now.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mark (and Alcor) pretend no ice age in year 2100.

[Alcor article] Amazingly, all cryonicists that have encountered my alert on the coming ice have become abusive in terms of ad hominem attacks or have remained silent. Alcor, the largest cryonics organization just published an article by mark plus that ignores the coming ice age and pretends 2100 ad will be a high tech continuation of the present. Cryonics has thus become a mythology on account of the fact that reanimation is not really being planned for. If it were, then my warning about the imminent ice age would have been taken seriously. I provided plenty of linked serious references. Cryonics is about something other than what it pretends to be. It cannot, now, be any other way. "Real" cryonics simply doesn't exist. "Real" cryonics would at least seriously consider the ice age situation.

Antarctic ice is actually growing.

Nice little film about the global warming
hoax and overview of what's really occurring.

In my attempt to alert cryonicists to the discontinuity in our plans for reanimation in several hundred years because of the ice age, I've been uniformly dismissed, attacked, slandered and threatened-- which actually surprises me. Cryonics consists of the 3 parts: Freeze, wait and reanimate. I'm pro cryonics and I understand that reanimation is our aim. However, I never realized until lately, that the ice age represents a previously unrealized wholesale game changing event because it ruins our standard reanimation scenario not to mention the fact that it wipes out most of the world's population and destroys civilization without being prepared for. It's like no other existential threat because it's predictable, cyclical and overdue.

Friday, September 2, 2011

My ice age posts to NewCryonet made cryonicists uncomfortable.

The ice age makes cryonicists uncomfortable

I'm guilty of making cryonicists feel uncomfortable as a result of my ice age posts to a well known cryonics forum. I would have thought that, given my revelation of how the ice age interferes with reanimation, that I would be heralded as one of the most insightful cryonics advocates who ever lived. If cryonicists were intellectually honest, they would have heralded me instead of voted me banished. But i've been accused of making them feel uncomfortable. Is that a crime, however? No, actually it shows that I have succeeded, in however a convoluted way, of alerting the cryonics industry to a major problem.

Adaptation is humankind's forte but preparing to adapt is human genius.

Rick Potts appears in the latest documentary from NOVA presenting
a very nice theory on how we humans came to be through adapation

We can anticipate the ice age. We (humankind) no longer have to wait for the ice age and react to it. We can prepare in advance. Humankinds' forte is adaptation to any environment, on a societal scale and today that means the entire world of 7 billion people. We can adapt quickly through science driver high tech projects that anticipate and solve problems in adavance. The key to this is advance preparation. I'm a cryonics advocate and by definition, I think about the situation several hundred years into the future when I expected technology to be able to reanimate me. When I discovered the ice age problem, profoundly articulated by Rolf Witzshce, I was immediately able to grasp the significance of his treatise. After having read Larouche for ten years previous to that, I was well prepared for the type of remedial action that would be required to save civilation even without the ice age. Applying Larouche's thinking to the ice age problem defined by Witzsche opened a new vista on the far future, exactly what cryonics aspires to do. The fusion of Larouche, Witzsche and cryonics became a great blinding flash of insight for me that would eleveate cryonics AND civilization in one fell swoop! The key is preparing to adapt. I credit Rick Potts on NOVA for giving me that final capstone of insight.

Will Alcor and CI fail to inform new members of the ice age?

Not telling new cryonics members how the imminent ice age is in conflict with
reanimation might consitute a failure of full disclosure .

My own sudden realization that the coming ice age conflicted with all the cryonics reanimation scenarios in cryonics took several months. I don't expect cryonicists in general to come to the realization any sooner than I did but this blog might accelerate that realization. The problem now, at the leading edge of the cryonics scenario, is simply that reanimation as normally thought of, taking place a few hundred or several hundred years into the technologically progressive future cannot now be marketed as part of a cryonics proposal by the cryonics organizations. The coming ice age destroys the prospect of reanimation as originally conceived. The only way that cryonics can honestly survive as a prospect is for cryonics to now become the primary organized purveyor of the coming ice age with the intention of changing the world to adapt.

The coming ice age is like no other problem ever considered by cryonics.

The ice age is the biggest threat to cryonics reanimation

The coming ice age is not like any other existential threat ever thought of by cryonicists because it is cyclical, predictable, arriving right now by indications, and inevitable. It will affect the entire world's population with absolute decimation if we do not respond through full common acknowledgement and agreement on management of the problem by adapting. Without a worldwide adaptation plan, no human venture including cryonics reanimation, will exist.