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Monday, September 12, 2011

Letter to The Humanist points out coming ice age conflict with cryonics reanimation.

I emailed The Humanist the following...

Your recent article on cryonics drew attention from.... um... cryonicists. I'm one.

The problem cryonics faces now, from my perspective, doesn't involve anything spiritual but rather the coming ice age. Cryonicists expect reanimation in the future when medical technology is more advanced. If you buy that premise, as cryonicists do, then you have to buy the premise that technology will advance over the next 500 years, for example, as some cryonicst scenarios go.

I pointed out to cryonicists that the coming ice age is going to present a problem to smooth technological upgrades leading to reanimation and they've ignored or ridiculed me. If you pointed out the problem of the coming ice age in your next article about cryonics, it might wake them up to that reality.

Rick Potvin
Ice Age Cryonics


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