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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mark (and Alcor) pretend no ice age in year 2100.

[Alcor article] Amazingly, all cryonicists that have encountered my alert on the coming ice have become abusive in terms of ad hominem attacks or have remained silent. Alcor, the largest cryonics organization just published an article by mark plus that ignores the coming ice age and pretends 2100 ad will be a high tech continuation of the present. Cryonics has thus become a mythology on account of the fact that reanimation is not really being planned for. If it were, then my warning about the imminent ice age would have been taken seriously. I provided plenty of linked serious references. Cryonics is about something other than what it pretends to be. It cannot, now, be any other way. "Real" cryonics simply doesn't exist. "Real" cryonics would at least seriously consider the ice age situation.

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