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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mass starvation as ice age looms.

[Google search "mass starvation" + "ice age"]

Cryonicists are ignoring the idea that the cryonics reanimation part of cryonics is going to be negatively impacted by what is a cyclical and inevitable deep ice age. Nobody has decided to discuss it despite the discussion forum linked below and my numerous links to it in Cryonet, the cryonics discussion group. In fact I was banned from that group for discussing it.

The first effect of the declining temperatures associated with the coming deep ice age will be the failure of agriculture and mass starvation. Cryonicists are members of humanity and nations and for humanity to survive, we'll need to prepare WELL in advance to survive the ice age. Cryonicists could be leading the world on this point but they continue to bury their heads in the snow.

Look at the ice age and mass starvation.

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