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Monday, September 12, 2011

Email to Max More of Alcor indicates points him here -- and notes 2% endowment is faulty.

I just wrote to Max More as follows....


Long term thinking

You wrote the endowment fund is an example of long term thinking but there's a problem with that endowment. A 2% payout rate destroys the board's ability to maneuvre. For example, some colleges and universities has huge tuition fees but billions locked up in 2% endowments. The endowment might have seemed like a good idea but locking it up at 2% output no matter what was rediculous in my view.

As far as long term thinking goes, there is no long term with an ice age head. The coming ice age which is overdue destroys the traditional view of progress toward reanimation. See http://www.iceagecryonics.blogspot.com



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