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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cloud cover increasing due to cosmic rays for past 300 years.

Source [Shaw.CA]

I haven't been able to expand on the evidence for the near term return of the ice age which will destroy cryonics reanimation plans as we currently know them because cryonicists have not even provided me with questions or a benefit of doubt to the point where I can at least offer further explanations. Instead, they've ostracized, banned and insulted me even for raising the idea. That should not the case since clearly, "IF" the returning ice age is soon, "THEN" it clearly impacts cryonics reanimation, generally expected to be in the order of hundreds of years from now with smooth uninterrupted technogical and medical progress. The problem is that that smooth progress trend has been cancelled with my revelation of the POSSIBILITY of the ice age. From here on however, I will occasionally offer evidence as I see it. The above graph shows cloud cover over that past 300 years. I'm not sure how it was generated but its' worth looking at and determining its truth and significance. The idea of the cyclical ice ages is that cosmic ray density increases, providing a nucleus for condensation increasing cloud cover, cooling the entire world.

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