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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kennita points to experiment that might speed up ice age.

[Pic source] Kennita confused terrorism with regulation

Ice Age Cryonics is an attempt to draw attention to the most awesome big picture show stopper in cryonics which is the coming imminent near term ice age--- both "little" and the big and the "triple big"-- a correspondence of 3 multi million year cycles coming into all time lows for the first time since Earth orbited Sol. The ice age changes everything in cryonics since reanimation is the goal of cryonics... and reanimation has just been interrupted! ...or worse-- cancelled!

Reanimation has typically been thought of in cryonics as a "future medical science" that will occur as current technology progresses. I myself believe that, with minor arguments here and there on the details. The problem is that progress has been thought of, since Ettinger's book on this in 1964, as being fairly smooth, fairly certain, and fairly uplifting to our survival possibilities. The coming certain ice age puts a serious crimp in that technological continuity. In fact, it crashes it pretty badly. And it's certain... absolutely certain. Further, it's occruing now. [Ice Age Now]

Kennita pointed to an example of a horrible experiment being carried out by people who can't understand that science and research have a moral and ethical component. [+] They're pushing particles into the stratsophere to reflect sunlight to cool the earth. [+] Global warming is not, in fact taking place so this experiment if carried out on a large scale, would accelerate the onset of the coming ice age and wipe out crops and agriculture around the planet, leading to faster depopulation. It's the opposite of what is needed.

Kennita then makes a mistake in her use of words. She suggests that stopping such an experiment would constitute terrorism. IT's actually the other way around. The seeding of the stratosphere could be considered as high tech terrorism, since it terrifies me for what I know it's effects will be. To stop that, you would introduce and enforce good governing regulation that says "you can't do that".

John DeRivaz, who set up the vote to ban me from New Cryonet for talking about the problem the coming ice age introduces for cryonics reanimation thinking, provided a link to my discussion on this this morning. Thanks to John for that.

[Discussion-- or fight/argument/polite denials etc]

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