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Monday, September 5, 2011

Lifeboat Foundation completely missed the coming ice age!

The world is entering an ice age unprepared, reminiscent of the
Titanic's striking an unseen iceberg. Lifeboats didn't help
very much

The Lifeboat Foundation has no reference on the coming ice age. [+] This is very curious to me, to a startling and ominous degree. With all those "smart" people in the Lifeboat Foundation, has nobody even considered the coming ice age? I'll likely try to get some feedback from Lifeboat People in coming days or weeks on this issue. I consider myself to be like the only deckhand who is awake in the middle of the night when I see an approaching iceberg. There will be no need to use the lifeboats if I can wake the captain and the crew up in time to swerve to avoid it! Ice Age Cryonics is intended to be that alarm in the middle of the night. We're approaching an "ice age" iceberg!

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