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Monday, September 5, 2011

Imminst.org (Longecity) at least open to considering near term ice age temps.

What earth might look like BEFORE cryonics reanimation or nanotech can
rescue us from cryopreservation. Oops. Didn't think of that!

[133 results] for "ice age" come up on a search at Longevity City (used to be Immortality Institute) where Brian Wowk hangs out online. This is promising but I have not explored the hits yet. Here's one quote from one post that shows that the people in Imminst.org (Longecity) are more respectful of the potential problem of a near term plunge into ice age temperatures, unlike the group of 91 people in NewCryonet, 26 of whom voted on whether to allow ice age discussion and only 9 of those voting yes.

So, I came home and turned on the Science Channel. They looked at the history of the Earth's climate. There have been wide swings in the temperature in the past, especially in the distant past.

They said the Earth was kept stable by the flow of warm water in a certain current. Once that stopped, they argued that the Earth could enter a New Ice Age within ten years. So, take you pick. There are all kinds of opinions. I really don'[t know what to believe. I tend to think it will all happen so slowly we will hardly notice.

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