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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I never tire of looking at ice age graphs on google-- here's a good one.

This graph is from Friends of Science [+] I'm not sure what their position is yet but the graph is nice

You can see that the interesting part of the graph is at the very beginning as our current 14,000 year "Holocene" warm period "holiday" begins. Now we're due for a "little ice age" as you can plainly see... as well as a deep 100,000 year ice age. The impact that this has on cryonics reanimation scenerios of the standard 500+ years of smoothly accelerating progress is so devastating that I have been bounced out of several cryonics forums and attacked by high profile cryonicists who have not responded in any way to the content of my alerts on this matter. It makes cryonics seem to me to be something other than what it currently is saying it is... which is a sort of gateway to the future, potentially. But that gateway leads off a cliff, now, into an ice age. They refuse to listen to me!!! Yet it's clear to me.

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