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Saturday, September 10, 2011

A whole new generation of cryonics-aware kids will understand the ice ages from a cartoon.

The Ice Age cartoon movie series seemed pointless and rediculous to me at first but now, after seeing cryonicists reject my theory, I might look at it more closely.

I have completely ignored the Ice Age Movies until this morning. My thinking on this matter now goes something like this: The current generation and even the next generation after that of people in my age group, the cohort just behind me and the cohort behind them, are finished as far as their "brainwashing" goes. It will now be up the children who found ICE AGE movies entertaining to take that mind-wash forward into adulthood to be the first human generation to seriously respond to the ice age. It may or may not be too late. We have no way of telling. I'll look into the motivation behind the Ice Age movies a bit further to find the redeeming qualities, if any.

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