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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dynamic Ice Age Reality (DIAR) is here, Dave Pizer.

Source [+] Dave Pizer is being given a change to do a reality check on his cryonics reanimation plans.

OPEN LETTER TO DAVE PIZER, ostensible cryonicist.
[Read this ice age article]

This is cutting edge futurism based on the reality of the coming ice age. You "claim" to be interested in cryonics, Dave. I'm not so sure that your claim is valid anymore because you're rejecting the coming ice age as a threat to reanimation. Obviously cryonics is nothing without reanimation. That's ostensibly why you have a perp trust... so you can have some spending money when you're reanimated. That makes it look like you're interested in the future and in being reanimated.

Well, I've uncovered a plot-- essentially a brainwashing plot-- unbelievable as that may sound. It's true. The near term future of the world is an ice age, in fact. UNLESS you begin to think, prepare and plan now (along with others of us) for the near term ice age, you can kiss your reanimation and your trust funds goodbye because cryonics ain't gonna happen UNLESS cryonics prepares for the ice age. I call it Dynamic Ice Age REanimation. DIARE (dare).

I dare you to read the above article and understand it. Have yourself a stiff drink, and prepare to be shocked. If you do not respond to this article in a way that is at least mildly curious, I cannot consider you to be a cryonicist (since you're not really interested in reanimation, which is what cryonics is all about). This is your final test. Isn't it strange how things work out?

Rick Potvin

P.S. Here is a picture of the Munchkins, those in cryonics who fail to adopt the Dynamic Ice Age REanimation Reality (DIARR). Ice Age Munchkins ridicule me, try to ban me from forums (deRivaz and gang at new cryonet, shun me (others) and ignore reality falsely accusing me of silly things and generally attributing false motives to me. Here are the cryonics munchkins. A munchkin is a "diminutive person" originally in German. In this case, the cryonics munchkin has a diminutive mind that either cannot or simply refuses to see the big picture of DIARR.


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