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Friday, September 2, 2011

Will Alcor and CI fail to inform new members of the ice age?

Not telling new cryonics members how the imminent ice age is in conflict with
reanimation might consitute a failure of full disclosure .

My own sudden realization that the coming ice age conflicted with all the cryonics reanimation scenarios in cryonics took several months. I don't expect cryonicists in general to come to the realization any sooner than I did but this blog might accelerate that realization. The problem now, at the leading edge of the cryonics scenario, is simply that reanimation as normally thought of, taking place a few hundred or several hundred years into the technologically progressive future cannot now be marketed as part of a cryonics proposal by the cryonics organizations. The coming ice age destroys the prospect of reanimation as originally conceived. The only way that cryonics can honestly survive as a prospect is for cryonics to now become the primary organized purveyor of the coming ice age with the intention of changing the world to adapt.

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