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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ralph Merkle sees reanimation in 2040-- which would beat the oncoming ice age.

[Picture source- Foresight Institute]
Ralph Merkle might be snowblind to the coming ice age

[+] Merkle thinks reanimation would be in 30 years. I personally don't think so. The onset of the next deep ice age happens to be occurring now. [Ice Age Now][Ice Age Ahead] The principle of what makes a living organism and the principle of what makes human cognition are far from being understood let alone recoverable soon. Most estimates are 600 years with Mark Plus dropping his estimate to 500+ latetly. But with the now quickly oncoming 100,000 ice age, with mankind unprepared, the research on the principles of life and mind will only become financially less feasible and then cease altother. Reanimation on the timeline that Merkle imagines is looking unlikely. Merkle is on Alcor's board so has a vested interest in making cheerful remarks about reanimation to sell memberships. Alcor has been churning members for decades now based on overly optimistic futures that ignore the coming ice age. Cryonicists have blackballed me for raising the ice age issue.

I have not checked with Foresight Institute yet. [Google site search on Foresight for "ice age" gives 48 promising results. ][Merkle site search on Foresight.com] Merkle won a Foresight award for... well-- having foresight I guess. However, the site search shows the Foresight sees the ice age coming and Merkle doesn't. I'll try to verify these preliminary observations with something more definite in coming weeks. CPlatt always said pick up a phone and fact check but I think we can do a lot before we reach that point.

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