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Friday, September 23, 2011

Japanese animators see reanimation of Ettinger in 500 years.

Source[NMA] You'll see "500 years later" in this video... watch for it

In cryonics as a whole, there has not been much discussion of reanimation time lines. [+][+][+][+] The general idea of reanimation from cryonics, when it is discussed, is generally situated in around 500 to 600 years at current rates of technological change. This notion has been internationalized as seen in this Japanase video about Robert Ettinger. I found the existence of that timeline in that video very curious and interesting.

Also note the surprise upon Ettinger's reanimation in 500 years-- although the surprise that today's cryonicists have, once they acknowledge I'm right, is that we're currently descending into an ice age, with a sharp drop in temperatures and agriculture failure overdue by 500 years in this current Holocene period. Cryonicists I've known personally, like Dave Pizer, continue to refuse to acknowledge the obvious implication: Reanimation as we've thought of it has been cancelled until further notice-- until we meet the Cryonics Ice Age Challange.

Cryonics Institute will obviously fail-- as snow locks Michigan into year round severe winters. Here's a short sample of a documentary with Leonard Nimoy narrating. He describes Buffalo NY in 1978, close enough to CI.

Alcor will fail because its located in desert where there is little food production although the entire food production of the world will fail as temperatures fall. This is certain. This is not like the existential disasters that LifeBoat.org discuss (they ignore the coming ice age!! and their forum members have rejected my view!!!???). LifeBoat.org is thus guilty of misleading readers and members. No disaster is as certain and as near as the plunge into the ice age with its attendant starvation and world depopulation. Cryonics will not survive such a world.

The only way for cryonics to survive is to participate in Rolf Witzshce's Ice Age Challenge for human survival. IF we take 500 years as a working estimate of a reanimation timeline, then the descent into the ice age will begin far sooner than reanimation. All the cryonicists currently in stasis thus depend on us, now, to rescue them from the coming ice age. Dave Pizer is refusing to help them. So is the rest of the cryonics community. By definition, then, they cannot possibly be true cryonicists. The question is... who exactly are they then? Who is Dave? Without taking the coming ice age into account, he can't possibly be a cryonicist, by definition!

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