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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stunning showstopper in cryonics is shunned and suppressed.

Source [+] Cryonics is heading into the ice age along with the rest of civilization. Unless we prepare, as a whole civilization, there will be no reanimation no matter how well your cryopreservation is done.

Over the pst year, I've uncovered a stunning electric universe showstopper related to cryonics reanimation. I've tried to alert other cryonicists and transhumanists to the coming ice age but I'v been roundly ignored, cut off from yet another forum, or ridicules. This proves cryonicists are not thinking. When will they wake up to the overall number one threat to reanimation -- the near term ice age ahead of us?

Latest ice age articles by Rolf Witzsche, my favorite breakthrough source. [+]

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