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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The coming ice age was big news in the 1970s.

[Articles citing coming ice age problem.

My comment-- There was a concerted effort to suppress this beginning in 1974. Since then, corporate controlled media has successfull suppressed it. Only now with the explosion of the interent and sites like mine are we seeing the truth emerge again. Also see Witzsche for more on the ice age. (Google witzsche + ice age). For those in cryonics who know I'm a Larouche fan, realize that Larouche is not as alert to the ice age or even the electric universe as he should be. It's the first big failure of Larouche policy I've noted. Still, his history is impeccable as well as the immediately solutions to the fanancial crisis. But the ice age trumps all of this.

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