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Sunday, September 4, 2011

NewCryonet Star Chamber tries to suppress ice age implications for cryonics.

Jeff Davis is "tired of this crap", referring to the ice age and
recommends ruthless and immediate deletion of my posts

[Thread on Cryonet] The hackles I've raised in the NewCryonet forum surprises even me. The tone of condesension and anger is unbelievable. Several long time cryonicists have voiced unreasoning demands that my posts be deleted and that I be banned. Discussion of the coming ice age isn't allowed, even though cryonics reanimation has always been thought of as well into a high tech advancing future whereas estimates for the onset of the next ice age are only 20 to 80 years. Cryonicists who signed up for cryonics and reduced their terror through terror management have been shaken up.

[Cryonet Poll thread]

[My original ice age alert post to Cryonet]

[Discussion Outline] Question: Is this really fair?

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