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Friday, September 9, 2011

Complete shutout of ice age implications on cryonics via shunning / behaviorist tricks.

All cryonicists and cryonics forums I've raised the idea of the ice age to have stopped all feedback, have banned me from their discussions and have stopped answering my posts to their blogs by deletions.

The cryonicists don't want to know about the coming ice age. None have offered explanations. Even the response on Immortality Institute's blog (Bruce Kleins group) have not responded to my ice age post. The Terasem people have not responded. I've been banned from the NewCryonet. Mike has deleted multiple relevent posts I've made to his blog. So has Mark. There is no response from several other cryos I emailed independently. Mike even wrote that the way to handle posts you don't want to hear in the age of the internet is to "not feed the monster" or some such thing. So I would say that shunning ideas and people that present a challange to a worldview is now handled by cryonics by non response, an attempt to "extinguish" behavior. It's a silly thing to impose on humans because it doesn't work... in effect, it doesn't stop the oncoming reality of the ice age and its destruction of all cryonics reanimation scenarios as we've known them. Ettinger deanimated just in time to avoid knowing about this.

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