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Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm now registered with Imminst/Longecity Cryonics forum!

Immortality Institute changed it's name to Longecity to rhyme with longevity it seems.

I've been banned from NewCryonet, and several cryonics bloggers have gone into a deletion "rage" over my pointing to the ice age and its conflict with cryo reanimation scenarios. Slow but surely, the entire idea of the coming ice age is being "locked out" of the entire cryonics dicussion. One very big forum about cryonics has been the Imminst.org cryonics forum where famous cryonicist Brian Wowk, originally from Winnipeg, and now working for Saul Kent in the 21st Century Medicine lab that focuses on cryobiology (while keeping cryonics applications under the radar), hangs out.

A few years ago, I began posting to that forum about Owada's magnetic freezing of food and it's potential in cryonics. Entire posts on that were moved from the main forum to a side area somewhere for reasons that were not reasonable in my estimation. Ultimately they banned me. Since then, the format and name has changed but the people and the temperament are expected to be the same as I introduce the ice age problem in cryonics reanimation. Here is the first attempt....

[Forum thread about the ice age and cryonics reanimation in Longecity]

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